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© DeviceTransition 2014 Jill Weise Detlev Weise
All you here is mixed and mastered in Cubase by me. I try to do my songs with my daughter with the hope she enjoys doing music like i do! But i have to be careful that she doesn't lose the fun with it. Here first song tells us that she likes it cause she had the idea to the song and wrote some of the text for it.
Dad and daughter
DeviceTransition consists of Jill JJ andDetlev Weise, dad and daughter! We prefer doing synthesizer music, with vocal parts mostly in german sometimes mixed german an english! We do music for fun. We are happy about everyone who listens to our songs and gives us the acknowledgment that we do it right!
Device Transition
Cause i’m also busy in my job and do this only in my freetime, i can not garanty when the next song is ready, but i try to do new songs as often as possible, but most time it spends a little longer to mix and master it i’m already not a real profi who does this every day and knows every trick to get the best out of the tools i use!
In loosless sequence
In the meantime Jill started playing cello at shool either she is the vocalist at the shool-band and sometimes she plays either the drums in the shool-band. Everyone can see that she has fun doing music. Perhaps in near future we do a song together with piano and cello who knows.
With full dedication