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© DeviceTransition 2014 Jill Weise Detlev Weise
tentative steps: In the early 80s and 90s  inspiered by the young trance and techno-culture, was always an interest to do own songs in this genre! But no more than home recording and sharing some songs with friends!
activities since 09/2010: After years without any musical projects it all began again in an it project in nuremberg!                                                             Cause of a very stressful phase in the project i needed a trigger to degenerate, cause of a luck at this time the kaossilator pro was released at this time. This synthesizer gave me the impulse to start again doing music. The first song were very bad mixed and mastered but after some tips in different portals and some more songs the quality increased and by now i think the song are on a good quality. The songs are on different portals like jamendo, myownmusic, soundcloud and so on non cost downloadable. At the time a studio album is in work witch we plan to sell on i tunes and other shops, but it can spend a little while till its ready. And the songs mixed by me will be either downloadable, cause the studio album is thought as a give back for all who like our music and want to listen to it in a realy great studio master version.
will there be more of DeviceTransition: At the moment there are some more songs planed, i can’t tell witch ones cause, i don’t know who i find the time and witch one will be first ready to be released. Be surprised, think we have enough ideas for a second album, either my daugther has a new idea for a song but first i have to take a look if it can be realised what she plans!