The complete arrangement is mixed and mastered in Cubase sometimes by me or sometimes mainly when the song is ready to be put on an album or into the web shops by a music friend who is better in this discipline to get a quality that is likely to the quality of songs on radio or by professionell productions. Tried where ever possible to  include my daughter with the hope she enjoys doing music like i do! A short time she had fun and it seamed she would get some more into it like happened with the song My Day / Mein Tag where she had the idea and had written some part of the text, but actually she has lost a little the interest and other hobbies are more important. Perhaps she comes back to it all once who knows.

Cause i am  also busy in my job and do this only in my free time, i can not guarantee when the next song is ready, but i try to do new songs as often as possible, but most time it spends a little longer to mix and master it i am already not a real pro who does this every day and knows every trick to get the best out of the tools cause my time is limited new songs are where loosely released. Every time a new song is ready it will get online and be posted in our Facebook profile, in our Soundcloud and if it is a new video on our YouTube Channel.

In the early 80s and 90s  inspired by the young trance and techno-culture, was always an interest to do own songs in this genre! But no more than home recording and sharing some songs with friends!

After years without any musical projects it all began again in an it project in nuremberg!  Cause of a very stressful phase in the project i needed a trigger to degenerate, cause of a luck at this time the Kaossilator pro was released at this time. This synthesizer gave me the impulse to start again doing music. The first song were very bad mixed and mastered but after some tips in different portals and some more songs the quality increased and by now i think the song are on a good quality. The songs are on different portals like jamendo, myownmusic, soundcloud and so on non cost downloadable. At the time a studio album was in work witch which is already released on i tunes and other shops. The studio album is thought as a give back for all who like our music and want to listen to it in a really great studio master version.

At the moment there is a second album planed a couple of songs is already mastered and pre released on our soundcloud channel. After that we’ll see how the story moves on. There are some more ideas for some more songs after the second album is ready.